It’s a search,
it’s an observation,
it’s a moment

The “Gallery” section contains some of my photos. I’ve always had an aspiration for my photos to be dramatic and emotional, sometimes even being on the verge of vulgarity and theatricality, in order to evoke in viewers the desire to look at them more and more. To make them feel empathy. I want my photos to reflect my personal attitude to what’s going on all around me. The way in which photos enter into our consciousness, our deeds and our lives is just breathtaking.

Human needs

In the “Stories” section I will tell stories about people. Everybody has their own, unique story. Every shot is a story about a person. Usually we are scared to look at someone’s pain, scared to see and feel someone’s suffering even for the glimpse of a moment, that’s why we are trying to escape it. But I’m deeply inspired by the people who help you look at usual things differently and make you see them from another side.

Words bear

On the "Reportages" page I will talk about my peeking at the world which much resembles a contemplative attitude to everything that surrounds us – people, landscapes, feelings, cities, events.

The triumph
of inner

It’s a page with my notes. Here I will write down my instantaneous reflections, leave fragments of thoughts and “pieces” of emotional impressions. I will reflect upon various topics ranging from mountain hikes to human psychology and think about whether I’m happy today or not. Treat everything that is written here as my subjective opinion and not as an attempt to impose truth.

wine and other

It is difficult to write about yourself: while you want to talk about as many good things as possible, at the same time you don’t want to burden strangers with insignificant facts from your personal biography. That's why my photos will tell you everything even better than if I did it myself.