Riddle from the director of the boarding school

Psychoneurological boarding school for children

From time to time I visit neuropsychiatric boarding schools with monitoring visits. Frequently I meet directors who are out of place, but, fortunately, there are those who care for their wards and try to make their stay in the boarding school as comfortable as possible. I have warm and respectful relations with such people, it is especially interesting to listen to them. They tell me unusual, interesting life stories.

We have a psycho-neurological boarding school in Transcarpathia with a hundred-year history and was opened under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The director of the boarding school shared with me an interesting fact about those at whose expense the boarding school for abandoned children with physical and mental disabilities was maintained in imperial times. I wonder if you can guess who kept such institutions?

P.S. The correct answer is prostitutes, or rather women with low social responsibility, who often sent their children to boarding schools themselves.

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