Why do these people live?

After the publication of the last post about how the wards live in the psycho-neurological boarding homes, I was asked a lot of questions in private messages. These are some of them: “Why are they like this?”, “Are they stupid?”, “Can they think and talk?”, “Why don’t their parents take them?”, “Do they know where they are?”, “They can be cured or will they remain so for the rest of their lives?”, “Why do they live?”. These questions are a consequence of the policy of total closeness of the boarding and psychiatric system from the life of society. In developed countries, they have long ago understood that the best solution for such people is to include them in the life of society as much as possible, so the sight of a person with a physical or mental disability on the streets of European countries has not surprised anyone for a long time, this is treated as a common occurrence.

We have a tradition of hiding “not like that” away from the eyes of people – unfortunately, it turned out to be surprisingly tenacious.

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