Mountain sickness during quarantine

Traveling in the Carpathians

Quarantine was announced, and through this damn isolation it has already reached the condition and began to decompose morally. Therefore, I will share something beautiful and optimistic – photographs of mountains. Posting photos in a post can cause you psychological discomfort, exacerbate the syndrome of lack of mountains in the body. Possible side effects are complete relaxation. Viewing is prohibited for those who have not been on vacation for a long time.

Landscape of the Carpathians

Hands freeze when changing lenses and batteries, ultramarine clouds swirl around, and in the valley the sun dissipates fog.

Carpathian report

In fact, it is best to view photos of the mountains – under steamed dried food and tea from a pot, even at home!

Carpathians in winter

One of the enchanting sunrises when you rush along the ridge with a tripod, stumbling in the snow and driven by the wind.

Ukrainian Carpathians photo
Hike to the Carpathian mountains

This is a common state when on a hike you drag your 25-kilogram backpack up the mountain with photographic equipment, a coffee maker and a small homemade pillow.

Mount Hoverla photo

Chernohora ridge. View of Hoverla.

Chornohora ridge Carpathians
Winter of the Chornohora Carpathians

We are inspired, we dream and we hope for the soonest end of the isolation. Quarantine is not forever.

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