Rysya’s hunting instincts

How to take pictures of pets

There is one thing that even the most avid cat-lover like me finds difficult to come to terms with – the hunting instinct of my Rysya. Almost every morning, instead of an alarm clock, I jump up from the fact that she digs her claws into my unsuspecting leg hanging from the edge of the bed. Therefore, without hesitation, I took Rysya for a photo hunt today. In addition, I have been looking for a partner for a long time.

Photo shoot with a pet in nature

As it turned out, in the forest she likes winged birds the most. Sitting on my shoulder, I saw how a domestic cat turns into a real fighting machine. Every time a potential victim came into her field of vision, she heralded it with her chirping. The cuckoos in the forest instantly fell silent at the sight of her and mentally counted their own days.

Photo shoot with a pet
How to make cool and funny photos of a cat

There was no need to feed Rysya at home, this creature ate grasshoppers on the field.

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