The Last Supper near Turkul

Kolyba Carpathians hiking

There is a cool kolyba with a Chinese tapestry in the Ukrainian Carpathians under Mount Turkul where at the Last Supper there are 9 apostles and one woman. If you look closely, you can see Chinese noodles on their table. Kolyba is a place where shepherds spend the night, they graze sheep on mountain pastures and meadows in the summer. In simpler kolybas, tourists stop for the night. This is a real luxury in the mountains. We were doubly lucky, we spent the night in a shepherd’s kolyba which is not intended for tourists. When you are tired after a day’s hike and see this kolyba, you rush to it with all your might even without strength. It was the coolest photo shoot ever. In the morning we ran out for the whole day, took photos and dried ourselves in warmth and comfort in the evening.

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