Black and white photographs of the Carpathians

Mount Pip Ivan Marmarosky
View of Mount Pip Ivan Marmarosky

Suddenly you have forgotten how much I love the Carpathian Mountains. This is heartbreakingly beautiful! I live an hour away from them and I can grab a backpack with a tent at any time and go for a couple of days from humanity and get a billion impressions. Less words, more pictures. I will share with you a series of black and white photographs of my beloved Carpathians.

White Elephant Observatory
View from the White Elephant Observatory
Romanian Carpathians
Romanian Carpathians
Marmaros ridge Carpathians
View of the Marmaros ridge
Mountain Turkul Hunt Carpathians
Hut under the mountain Turkul
Chornogora ridge mount Brebeneskul
Chornogora ridge. View of Mount Brebeneskul
Mount Hoverla Carpathians
Mount Hoverla
Pip Ivan Chornohirsky
Landscape of the Carpathians
Mount Hoverla photo
Hoverla is visible in the background
Borzhavsky ridge Carpathians
Mount Stiy. Borzhavsky ridge

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