Morning views from the tent

Lake views from the tent
Lake Allo (3150 м)

While the main photo report of the Hike through the Fan Mountains is being prepared, and so that you are not sad, here is a presentation of the beauty of the mountains – morning views from the tent in places where you had to wake up and meet the dawn. The main attractions in the Fan Mountains are mountains, incredible lakes and many junipers. Yes, it is a real paradise for landscape photographers.

Fan Mountains view from the tent
Lake Mutny (3600 м)

Fan Mountains, or “Fans”, as they are called by tourists, are located in the southwest of the Pamir-Alai and mostly stretch through Tajikistan.

Summer hike photo

Fan Mountains are a huge number of picturesque lakes with a rich turquoise hue. One of my goals in Fan Mountains was to photograph them. Before the trip, I always thought about the weather so as not to disappoint, but every morning we woke up with sunny weather.

Tajikistan view from the tent

Did you know that the mountains of Tajikistan cover 93% of the country? High in the mountains is a very harsh area, completely lifeless, only rocks, stones and glaciers.

Hike to the Tajikistan mountains

At night, we heard someone walking very carefully on soft paws near the tent, probably not a big animal. But we could not even imagine that it was an animal that lives in such adverse conditions.

Lake view from the tent

When we wake up in the morning, we are amazed by the view of our night and, without breakfast, we run to photograph the first rays of the sun, unfolding the tripod on the way.

Chimtarga Pass

Chimtarga Pass (4700 m). Fan Mountains are fantastic!

Every day unique landscapes that you want to feel and absorb in order to remember these feelings for a long time.

Hike to mountains

Tired. During the day they trampled a good distance, with large differences in altitude. We set up camp and are surrounded by large-scale rocks that amaze the imagination.

Culiacan Lakes views
Culiacan Lake

Lots of junipers grow in the Culiacan Lakes – plants of the cypress family (evergreen conifers), which give off a fragrant smell of juniper.

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