Camp of happy Roma people

Gypsy settlement in Ukraine

Once again, I caught myself thinking that I was somewhat jealous of the ability of Roma to enjoy simplicity. Many people know that for almost 7 years I have been working with Roma in camps in Transcarpathia. Few “non-Roma” have such unlimited access and opportunity to touch the way of life of the Roma national minority, to understand their traditions, thinking and behavior. I will say at once that my opinion is subjective and based solely on my own experience.

Gypsy children
Roma children

The discovery that never ceases to amaze me is that the Roma, as Buddhists, are incredibly happy people. Yes, they are much happier than we are. They know how to live here and now. Roma have many children and they love them very much. They have a more stable psyche, I saw sincere open smiles on their faces much more often than walking the streets of the city. Although they live in poverty, at the same time they are not so attached to material goods, and in their behavior there is a lot of slowness, peace and joy, which are often inaccessible to urban residents.

Gypsy camp
Дівчинка зі свалявського табору
Photo report Roma Gypsy
Хлопчик з мукачівського табору

Roma parents could be called extremely free in raising their children. They treat them with love and very rarely punish them. From an early age, they cultivate love and respect for family traditions and the traditions of their people.

How gypsies live

This roma very invited guests for tea, promised to show old photos of his parents, grandparents, to tell how they began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. I couldn’t help myself.

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