I was fired from my first job because I am Gypsy,” says Renata, the only Gypsy lawyer in the largest Gypsy camp in Ukraine. After graduation from university she was trained in the local civil registration office, but even after successfully passing all the exams, she was refused a job. A plump woman enters the […]

My gaze takes in a dark, cold, shabby room containing poor belongings: a broken sofa, a table and a chair, improvised curtains from two pieces of old fabric cover a hole in the window that draws out the last heat, a legacy from the boarding school on the floor – a pair of old T-shirts, […]

Grandmother Marusya got to the psychiatric hospital with suspicion of abdominal typhoid for which she was once treated here. According to the doctors, she is still a disease carrier, so she needs to be isolated. There is only dead silence, depressing emptiness of the room and loneliness around grandmother Marusya. When you enter the room, […]

It seems that Andrey could be a good boarding school guide. He shows me a tiled room with a big sign on the wall. He reads it a few dozen times a day and I think he even sees it in his dreams. But if you read it closely, the cynicism of this inscription becomes […]


I am Gypsy!